Winston: Her Illness, Three Weeks Later

The good news is that baby girl budgie is still with us! She’s loving her millet and seed, is maintaining her weight (47g yesterday!) and still is eager to come out of her cage every morning.

Unfortunately, I’m starting to worry the one-to-three months the vet suggested is probably going to be closer to one. 😦 She’s squinting quite a bit more than she was and seems more lethargic lightly.

Our vet said that, as the tumor grows, it will affect her posture. It’s definitely doing that–the picture on the left was taken on December 22nd. The one on the right was taken today, January 5th.

Something is definitely going on with her wings and muscles; I’m not sure if she strained herself trying to fly somewhere, or if the tumor is moving into other areas outside her reproductive tract, but it’s definitely progressing quickly:

We’ll continue loving her, but it’s definitely shocking how fast this moves. No wonder so many people lose their babies at 4/5 years old–it comes on so quickly!

Winsty-Woo’s enjoyment of treats will be our compass.

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