Ozone is a wood chipper.

Never underestimate the power of a smallish  beak.

See that mess beneath Ozone?


That is all the remains of a small cardboard cereal box.

He can decimate a small cardboard box in thirty minutes.

Cardboard anything is the bees knees per Ozone.

Some birds are chewers; if they are, there is really nothing you can do to STOP this behavior.

Cockatoos, cockatiels, and senegals are some of the biggest culprits. It’s not something that can be prevented, so if you ever find yourself with a chewer, it’s not a matter of ‘if’ he will chew, but rather when.

Scolding a bird for chewing on the wrong things does nothing positive: the bird just begins resenting the scolder, and the behavior doesn’t change.

A better option? Provide something better to chew on, and remove access to the forbidden chewable objects. (like tables, door frames, etc.)

For example, Ozone likes chewing on the frames of wooden play stands, and if he got his way, they’d last approximately two days. Thus, he is no longer allowed on these play stands (all metal and plastic from here on out) and we give him as much cardboard as he’ll chew through, along with plenty of bird-safe chewable toys.

Paper towel rolls, tea boxes, random pieces here and there, blocks of untreated pine cut up from the store–all better options than our furniture, and one happy little man.

Solution to Chewing Birds: Give destructive birds something BETTER to chew on; don’t try to prevent the behavior.

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