Eclectus Mojo Moult: A Picture of Pinfeathers

2020 Edit: This is my most popular blog post, so I thought I’d write a follow-up with better pictures! If you’re looking for a variety of mojo moult pictures over the years, you are welcome to also check out these images of his various moults (hard ones and easy ones) from 2015-2020. Otherwise, keep reading…

Teacher In-Service Days = The Best

One of the hardest parts about teaching for me is that I have to leave my fids at home. Sure, my admin *might* be open to my bringing of my feathered friends to school occasionally since they don’t leave potential allergy-inducing dander behind, but let’s be real–I teach middle school, and kids do stupid things…

Foraging Toy – The Stuffed Pepper

Today was a snow day, which meant I had time to make my birds a foraging toy! Hurray! Behold the fury that is Louie: View this post on Instagram Louie is a ferocious, vegetarian #dinosaur, a vicious destroyer of bell peppers. #ekkiesofinstagram #ekkie #parrot #parrottoy #parrotsofinstagram #pets #foragingtoy #rawr A post shared by Snowpack Deactivated…

“I live to irritate you!”

…His obnoxious behaviors (like the one above) stem from the fact that they get my attention; kissy noises not working? Regurgitating for my toes producing no effect? Better chew on a bag or some books!

A First Sign of Illness: A Bird’s Weight

There is one simple sign many parrot owners overlook that can be the canary in the cave of your bird’s health, and that sign is your parrot’s weight.

Buying a gram scale and weighing your parrot regularly could save your feathered friend’s life, especially if he or she is a newer member to your flock.

Louie has finished dancing! Toe-Tapping Part 2.

Take a bow, Louie! Your dancing (i.e. terrible toe-tapping) is done. Hopefully. By the time we took Louie to the vet, he had stopped tap-dancing. In twenty-four hours, he went from almost violent, uncontrolled spasms to… nothing. Nothing. What…? He was a lovely little patient at the vet; his coloring is growing in vibrantly in…

Luigi is tap-dancing, and it is horrible. Toe-Tapping Part 1.

With absolutely no warning, my baby boy started clutching one foot convulsively. His entire foot would seize up, curl up–I always thought that toe-tapping would start slowly and grow progressively worse, but nope. It came on suddenly. Violently.

Love was toe-tapping.