Allergies Don’t Disappear: Mild Toe-Tapping

Oh, the holidays–friendship, cheer, the season of giving… What more could a bird want than a bit of pizza crust? Unfortunately, Louie acquired a mildĀ case of toe-tapping to go with it. šŸ˜¦ I gave Louie a tiny bit of pizza crust (standard practice when we feel like spoiling our birds.) This particular pizza crust came … More Allergies Don’t Disappear: Mild Toe-Tapping

Louie has finished dancing! Toe-Tapping Part 2.

Take a bow, Louie! Your dancing (i.e. terrible toe-tapping) is done. Hopefully. By the time we took Louie to the vet, he had stopped tap-dancing. In twenty-four hours, he went from almost violent, uncontrolled spasms to… nothing. Nothing. What…? He was a lovely little patient at the vet; his coloring is growing in vibrantly in … More Louie has finished dancing! Toe-Tapping Part 2.