Allergies Don’t Disappear: Mild Toe-Tapping

Oh, the holidays–friendship, cheer, the season of giving… What more could a bird want than a bit of pizza crust? Unfortunately, Louie acquired a mild case of toe-tapping to go with it. 😦 I gave Louie a tiny bit of pizza crust (standard practice when we feel like spoiling our birds.) This particular pizza crust came … More Allergies Don’t Disappear: Mild Toe-Tapping

A Blue Cere in a Female Budge = A Tumor

Well, it’s official: we’re going to lose Miss Winsty-Woo in the next few months. 😦 For the past day or so, Winston has seemed a little… off. She’s always been exceptionally calm for a budgie (stiff-upper-lipped-English-budgie-woman and all that), but lately she’s seemed a little sleepier. A little more reserved. A little less playful. Winston … More A Blue Cere in a Female Budge = A Tumor

Progress! Eeee!

VI LIFTED HER FOOT TO STEP UP TODAY! I MADE MY GOAL! …The reason I am so excited about this is because I didn’t think I was actually making any progress; she was comfortable leaning against my wrist to take a chip from me, but refused, refused to even try to move her foot closer to my … More Progress! Eeee!