Symptoms of Illness in Birds: How Mild is Mild?

Winston has a terminal illness. She has (most likely) between a week and two more months to live, if the avian vet is right. Someone was concerned regarding my last posting about her quality of life–if she’s as ill as we say, does she actually have any quality of life left? Let’s review… … More Symptoms of Illness in Birds: How Mild is Mild?

Allergies Don’t Disappear: Mild Toe-Tapping

Oh, the holidays–friendship, cheer, the season of giving… What more could a bird want than a bit of pizza crust? Unfortunately, Louie acquired a mild case of toe-tapping to go with it. 😦 I gave Louie a tiny bit of pizza crust (standard practice when we feel like spoiling our birds.) This particular pizza crust came … More Allergies Don’t Disappear: Mild Toe-Tapping

A Blue Cere in a Female Budge = A Tumor

Well, it’s official: we’re going to lose Miss Winsty-Woo in the next few months. 😦 For the past day or so, Winston has seemed a little… off. She’s always been exceptionally calm for a budgie (stiff-upper-lipped-English-budgie-woman and all that), but lately she’s seemed a little sleepier. A little more reserved. A little less playful. Winston … More A Blue Cere in a Female Budge = A Tumor

Progress! Eeee!

VI LIFTED HER FOOT TO STEP UP TODAY! I MADE MY GOAL! …The reason I am so excited about this is because I didn’t think I was actually making any progress; she was comfortable leaning against my wrist to take a chip from me, but refused, refused to even try to move her foot closer to my … More Progress! Eeee!