Eclectus Mojo Moults over 5 Years: Improvements in Pictures

It’s been five years since Louie’s “gotcha!” day — in that time, I’ve seen him go through several mojo moults. The early ones were rather horrific; when we got him, there was a patch of his head so bald that the vet thought he must have scratched it off on the cement perch in his cage and worried that it may never grow back. He’d been previously fed a steady diet of cheese, peanuts, french fries, and general other things not super advised for eclectus parrots due to their special digestive tracks.

Little did I know that was actually the start of Louie’s seasonal series of mojo moults. His worst one was in October of 2016; not only did he have the wrap-around feather loss to the back of his head, but he also had so many pin feathers on his nose that it was really disgusting (not to mention uncomfortable for him:

He’s been with me for over five years, and they always vary in their intensity!

Take a look at the evolution of his mojo moults throughout the years:

These moults occured in 2015-2017:

You can see a significant differences between 2016 and 2017.

Now let’s take a look at 2018, 2019, and this year, 2020.

Granted, this is early in the process. I’m going to endeavor to take a photo a day of his moult this time–we’ll see how it goes!

Mojo moults aren’t the end of the world and shouldn’t alarm you too terribly if you own an eclectus!

A very healthy eclectus parrot eats a nutriberry.
April 2020, enjoying a rare treat.


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  1. Laura says:

    I have a make eekie that I’m told is having a hard molt. He’s about 8 months old. Looks almost bald on his sweet head. Has a few other bare patches. I’d love to share a picture abs get your input. He’s been to vet, fecal neg, 3 other tests neg including beak and feather disease. Thanks! Laura and my Sheldon.


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