Broken Blood Feathers: What To Do

If your parrot is bleeding, that’s a bit of an emergency. Yes, even if it’s just from a tiny little feather. Think about how tiny a parakeet is; now think about how much blood a single droplet is in relation to how big that bird is, and how much that would equal if it were…

Flock of ROCK!

I’m on the writing committee for a local charity, and this is one of the songs we might be using/rewriting for our musical. Tippy clearly likes it as much as I do. XD Click here to watch him rock out and ‘stick it to the man’!

Diggin’ the Deck

Decided to update Winston’s cage from the janky, rickety red one that always falls apart to a swankier blue one (this involved purchasing it from a neighbor on the other end of the development and carrying it waiter-style on my shoulder ALLLLLL the way back to my house, thus solidifying my position as the resident…

“I am a little bird.”

There is nothing I agree more with than the following sentiment: Every little bird I’ve ever met has had his or her own BIG personality–they are at least as individual as cats and dogs, unique as snowflakes. <3 Re-blogged from:

Budgie or Cockatiel? Our Limited Experience

The video below essentially highlights the key differences in personalities between cockatiels and English budgies (the carefully-bred, more-expensive-than-their-svelte-American-cousins behemoths of the budgie world): View this post on Instagram This essentially highlights the difference in personality between #cockatiels and #englishbudgies …Also, Qtip is a #maestro #parrot #budgie #parrotsofinstagram #petsofinstagram #pets A post shared by Snowpack Deactivated (@the.snow.pack) on…

Thank you for saying goodbye.

Maybe the decision was easy… maybe the decision was hard… maybe the decision was forced on you. Whatever the case, thank you for saying goodbye to your parrot.