Flock of ROCK!

I’m on the writing committee for a local charity, and this is one of the songs we might be using/rewriting for our musical. Tippy clearly likes it as much as I do. XD Click here to watch him rock out and ‘stick it to the man’! … More Flock of ROCK!


Diggin’ the Deck

Decided to update Winston’s cage from the janky, rickety red one that always falls apart to a swankier blue one (this involved purchasing it from a neighbor on the other end of the development and carrying it waiter-style on my shoulder ALLLLLL the way back to my house, thus solidifying my position as the resident … More Diggin’ the Deck

“I am a little bird.”

There is nothing I agree more with than the following sentiment: Every little bird I’ve ever met has had his or her own BIG personality–they are at least as individual as cats and dogs, unique as snowflakes. ❤ Re-blogged from: http://avianawareness.tumblr.com/

Budgie or Cockatiel? Our Limited Experience

The video below essentially highlights the key differences in personalities between cockatiels and English budgies (the carefully-bred, more-expensive-than-their-svelte-American-cousins behemoths of the budgie world): This essentially highlights the difference in personality between #cockatiels and #englishbudgies …Also, Qtip is a #maestro #parrot #budgie #parrotsofinstagram #petsofinstagram #pets A post shared by S. Woolz (@birdy_blogger) on Apr 4, 2016 at 6:35pm … More Budgie or Cockatiel? Our Limited Experience

Flock Mentality – The Pull of other Parrots & Whistle Training

I now understand why Karen (the former owner of the bird shop where I volunteer) told me to keep my budgies in separate cages where they can’t hear each other. Flock Mentality: It’s A Thing. Qtip (our cockatiel) came to us knowing the “Imperial March” and “Zippity Doo Da”. Sure, he’d get stuck on the four … More Flock Mentality – The Pull of other Parrots & Whistle Training