Symptoms of Illness in Birds: How Mild is Mild?

Winston has a terminal illness. She has (most likely) between a week and two more months to live, if the avian vet is right. Someone was concerned regarding my last posting about her quality of life–if she’s as ill as we say, does she actually have any quality of life left? Let’s review… … More Symptoms of Illness in Birds: How Mild is Mild?


A Blue Cere in a Female Budge = A Tumor

Well, it’s official: we’re going to lose Miss Winsty-Woo in the next few months. 😦 For the past day or so, Winston has seemed a little… off. She’s always been exceptionally calm for a budgie (stiff-upper-lipped-English-budgie-woman and all that), but lately she’s seemed a little sleepier. A little more reserved. A little less playful. Winston … More A Blue Cere in a Female Budge = A Tumor

Diggin’ the Deck

Decided to update Winston’s cage from the janky, rickety red one that always falls apart to a swankier blue one (this involved purchasing it from a neighbor on the other end of the development and carrying it waiter-style on my shoulder ALLLLLL the way back to my house, thus solidifying my position as the resident … More Diggin’ the Deck

“I am a little bird.”

There is nothing I agree more with than the following sentiment: Every little bird I’ve ever met has had his or her own BIG personality–they are at least as individual as cats and dogs, unique as snowflakes. ❤ Re-blogged from:

Budgie or Cockatiel? Our Limited Experience

The video below essentially highlights the key differences in personalities between cockatiels and English budgies (the carefully-bred, more-expensive-than-their-svelte-American-cousins behemoths of the budgie world): This essentially highlights the difference in personality between #cockatiels and #englishbudgies …Also, Qtip is a #maestro #parrot #budgie #parrotsofinstagram #petsofinstagram #pets A post shared by S. Woolz (@birdy_blogger) on Apr 4, 2016 at 6:35pm … More Budgie or Cockatiel? Our Limited Experience

Winston: Shapely and Stout

English Budgies: Calmer and more rotund than American ones. Also shorter-lived. Winston’s doing just fine, however! Perspective: turning normal-sized #EnglishBudgies into monsters. #budgie #parrot #parrotsofinstagram Also, Winston's clearly in need of a pedicure. A post shared by S. Woolz (@birdy_blogger) on Mar 21, 2016 at 4:11pm PDT