Well, it’s day two here at Birdy.Blog.

Things are going pretty well! The only way they could be better is if we had a repeat of Louie, who came up, snuggled right up to us, and immediately commenced settling in quite happily.

Vi (as we are now calling her) seems pretty happy, like she relishes being able to choose to come out of her cage; she definitely wants our company and will call for us when we leave the room. I’m a bit concerned she’s not eating as much as she could be, but that will likely come with time.

Today, we opened her cage while we putzed around the basement, and within minutes, she’d came right out! She’s currently sitting contentedly atop her cage; she even deigned to take a chip from me, and an almond, which she can’t quite seem to break open yet. She’s working on it, though!

Ambient Attention: Being AROUND your bird, but not directly interacting with her.

She climbs around inside her cage a fair amount; based on her size, I was worried she’d be a perch potato, but she’s fairly active. She might actually put our boing to good use! (Louie is too clumsy to use it, unfortunately.)

Only hiccup came when Hubby went to put paper down around her cage; that freaked her out a fair amount, but she’s recovered nicely from that minor set-back.

Now… what to do about her going back into the cage? Decisions, decisions.

Remember: Make every experience a positive one. If you leave food and water in her cage only, she will crawl back in on her own.

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