We have foot-wrist contact! Consistently! Woohoo!

Vi holding the remnants of her toast; she has two white toenails and two black ones!

Vi now knows exactly what she needs to do to get her tasty toast, and she did it several times–and she reminded me very clearly that it’s so important to continue going slowly with her.

I tried to entice her with a big piece when she repeated the gesture five times in a row, attempting to persuade her to put two feet on my wrist, but that was too much. She leaned far out, realized just what she was doing, and lowered her beak to my wrist in an attempted bite.

Not sure if it was a warning nibble, if she doesn’t know quite how to bite hard (I’m sure I’ll find the answer to this one out soon) or was unsteady on my wrist, but message received, miss Amazon: slow and steady.

She steadied herself, I backed off for a bit and continued to eat toast–when she looked longingly at it again, I offered my wrist again, but didn’t push her. Renewed that positive contact. =)

New Goal: Two more days of wrist-hand, maybe three depending on where she is, then go for full wrist contact. I’ll set her down immediately after (or let her hang out on my wrist up top on the cage if she’s comfortable, but will not move her)–by next Sunday.

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