How to (reliably) find the Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill

Naturally, my status of ‘crazy bird lady’ meant that I just had to find the wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill on a recent impromptu trip to San Francisco. Here’s how I did it.

Allergies Don’t Disappear: Mild Toe-Tapping

Oh, the holidays–friendship, cheer, the season of giving… What more could a bird want than a bit of pizza crust? Unfortunately, Louie acquired a mild case of toe-tapping to go with it. 🙁 This performance brought to you by pizza: I gave Louie a tiny bit of pizza crust (standard practice when we feel like spoiling…

Flock of ROCK!

I’m on the writing committee for a local charity, and this is one of the songs we might be using/rewriting for our musical. Tippy clearly likes it as much as I do. XD Click here to watch him rock out and ‘stick it to the man’!

Teaching a Bird NOT to Scream: Reality

Screaming is one way birds get attention (positive, negative, it doesn’t matter!) Now, I can’t definitively say whether or not this was the case for Miss Viola Waddlesworth at her former home, however, her friend Sam, the African Grey who went to a neighbor’s house, frequently shouts, “Shut up, Waddles!” …So yeah, we likely have a few years’…

Eclectus Mojo Moult: A Picture of Pinfeathers

2020 Edit: This is my most popular blog post, so I thought I’d write a follow-up with better pictures! If you’re looking for a variety of mojo moult pictures over the years, you are welcome to also check out these images of his various moults (hard ones and easy ones) from 2015-2020. Otherwise, keep reading…

Boxes + Female Parrots = Mistake

Last night, we allowed Ms. Vi to climb into a diet coke box. … She hasn’t stopped her hormonal quivering since. All parrots go through hormonal phases, especially in spring and summer given the extra daylight (which prompts a release of hormones) so that’s expected there. But dark, enclosed places that resemble nesting hollows apparently…

Achievement Unlocked: Consistent Step Ups

It is with a happy heart that I can now say this: Vi CONSISTENTLY steps up! I waited two weeks to make sure, but it’s official: she is cage-bound no more! We made our goal of July! A little late, but better than never! When she’s in her cage, it’s her terms; she’s made it…

About Our Flock

A nerdy birdy video introduction to our five fids.

This video answers the following questions:

“Do they talk?”

“Do they sing?”

“Do they dance?”

“What is a budgie?”

“Why not get a dog?”

Eat like a bird!

…Birds eat a ton, actually; the old idea that people who “eat like a bird” eat next to nothing is odd. And they fling it everywhere, but I will be omitting that portion. Today, I resolve to eat more like my birds–when I give them healthy snacks (carrots, raspberries, strawberries), I need to eat some,…

Prepare for trouble… make it double!

Louie met one of his kin today at the bird shop, a Red-Sided little dude who, at four months old (and still growing!), is the same size as Solomon Island Louie. Actually, junior might be a little bigger. That’s the closest I’ve ever seen a bird come to an existential crisis. Louie’s eyes got HUGE, he…